Thursday, 8 July 2010

Flying Bishops....?

I've been thinking about Flying Bishops. I don't really approve. I mean, does Ebbsfleet really need a bishop? I don't think so. What is the point? Does the episcopal derriere keep warm the big chair in Ebbsfleet Cathedral? No. Does the episcopal presence direct operations in the Diocese of Ebbsfleet? No.

I got on to this odd and seldom travelled (by me, at least) road after reading Bishop Alan's blog. (No there is absolutely NO connection there!) But I got to thinking, if the mysogynists can have their very own bishops, can we not all have our very own bishops. The Flying brigade are there to give succour to those poor souls who are put out by having a General Synod that disagrees with them (a bit simplistic, maybe, but it covers the ground sufficiently for this purpose). I need similar succour.

Now I have a bishop - a nice man and a good man - but whose idea of what the dear old CofE is all about is as far removed from mine as it is possible to be. It's a bit like F in F having to report to Bishop Brenda but the other way round.

So I got to thinking, why can't I have my own nominated bishop? I don't need my personal bishop to fly but in the geographically neutral world of the web I need him to blog. Bring on Bishop Alan. I sneakily read the Bishop's blog every day these days and there is much that speaks to me. (And you've got to respect a man who's got the full Hebrew Bible on his ipad - already!)

So, no Flying Bishops for me (not now, not ever!) but I humbly submit my application to nominate Bishop Alan as my Blogging Bishop.

OK Bish?

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  1. Put my Suffragan down - you don't know where he has been!