Thursday, 3 June 2010

Hello World...

This is my 'Hello, World' post - I have bowed to the pressure and started my own blog rather than just commenting on those I follow.

It is Corpus Christi - the day of Thanksgiving for Holy Communion. That probably means more to Roman Catholics than to the majority of those who put 'CofE' as their religion on official forms, but we do not ignore it. We have celebrated this in some style in recent years with processions over scented strewing herbs and rose petals (it's all about hitting all the senses...)

We celebrate differently this year. We are taking a 49-seater coach-full of people plus a few cars 20 miles down the road to visit our last-Vicar-but-one (now a Bishop) who is visiting to preach. They are all very keen to go. Did we mention that it was going to be a Pontifical Concelebrated High Mass? Maybe, maybe not. They might just be able to see the Old Vic through the smoke.... (It's all about hitting all the senses!)

I confess, I have not told the whole truth. You see, the mention of 'smoke' would have deterred several of my fellow-travellers, and yet they haven't seen the much-loved Old Vic for a couple of years and really really look forward to seeing him. So, I have not told the whole truth. So, they can have an outing, a coach trip, see their old friend, celebrate the feast, enjoy. If they don't like the smoke, they can moan tomorrow, but tonight, we feast!


  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere. Good luck with this venture, beloved pensioner - I will read with interest (until you diss me, at which point I shall write you out of my will). It will be one way that I can know that you are still alive, and thereby save on phone bills as I won't need to establish whether you are be-deaded on the floor!

    Excellent ...

  2. Thank you, Reverend One.

    Just remember that lack of literary muse does not necessarily mean lack of pulse.

    I'm not planning to be be-deaded for a while yet, places to go, people to see, you know how it is, but if you keep obsessing about my impending demise, I might decide that you are keen to inherit, in which case I'll just pack it all in a big skip and send it up to you.